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Motivational Talks & Presentations

Dynamic Motivational Talks that Will Inspire You

Our journeys from shy employees to confident entrepreneurs weren't easy. We went through a lot of unhealthy situations before embarking on our creative breaks, which helped us discover the importance of creativity, good mental health, work-life balance and getting out of your comfort zone to grow.


We’re always happy to deliver customized presentations or workshops on Creative Breaks, creativity, productivity, teamwork, work-life balance, self-care or share stories of our personal creative breaks, how we found the motivation to do them, and what we learned.


Tales of

Let Kim inspire your next adventure. She went from a stressed employee who had to take a year of medical leave not knowing if she would ever break out of her 'box' to adventuring alone around the world and starting her entrepreneurship journey. She now motivates people to break out of their routines and live their best lives.

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 Stories About Saying 'yes' and Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone as an Introvert

Linda's tales of how she went from a shy and stressed accountant to an improviser, film writer and producer, entrepreneur and life coach will inspire you to break your own barriers and say 'yes' to challenges more often.  

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Interactive Presentations That Drive Results

We also do talks and presentations for teams that include exercises that will allow each participant to start their personal journey to achieving their goals. We’ll even follow up with them for accountability. 


What Our Clients Say About Our Talks

"Linda and Kim delivered a great video about creative breaks for International Women’s Day at Salesforce. I loved collaborating with them. In all our discussions they showed enthusiasm, passion and care for the project. They listened to my inputs about the specific requirements I had for the video and they perfectly tailored their delivery to the needs of the organization. They navigated the challenges of producing a pre-recorded video while making it relevant, engaging and actionable. I wholeheartedly recommend them!"

Gwendoline Calmels
Learning Experience Design Analyst, Sales Enablement, Salesforce

Ready to get motivated?

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