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Idea Generation
& Group Brainstorming

Take a look at our video!

We take a look into the power of brainstorming and how it can help you.

Stuck on ideas? Here's how group brainstorming can enhance the idea process.


Enhanced creativity

As people share their thoughts and ideas, it can inspire others to think outside the box and come up with new ones.


Diverse Perspectives

Different people with different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise bring a diverse range of perspectives. This can lead to more innovative ideas and problem solving from different angles.


Increased Engagement

Group brainstorming sessions are dynamic and interactive - this keeps participants engaged and invested and can lead to higher levels of motivation and commitment to finding solutions.

At My Creative Break, we take group brainstorming to a higher level with our creative and ‘improv’ techniques so that you and your team improve:


Our exercises slowly help you feel more comfortable taking risks and sharing unconventional ideas without fear of judgment.


You'll be trained to actively listen to each other, communicate, and build upon each other’s ideas to strengthen them.


We'll exercise your creative muscles so that spontaneous idea generation comes more naturally.


You'll get into the habit of adapting to new ideas quickly, especially if the conversation takes and unexpected turn, or if new unexpected ideas emerge.

Ready to take your ideas to the next level?

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