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Creative Icebreakers & Team Bonding


Engaging, Interactive & Purposeful Team Bonding Activities

Whether online or in-person, we bring an element of fun to your meetings, lunch times or after-works. We build a safe environment and design activities that help people bond and feel comfortable. We can also help with onboarding new employees, accommodating team members or visitors from out of town and holiday parties.

Research has shown that strengthening relationships between team members increases engagement and productivity by at least 50%


There are three parts to our team bonding sessions

 Only want one or two parts? That’s fine too!


Speed Friending

In a short amount of time, all team members will get to know each other on a deeper level and learn about who their team members are outside of work.

Group Games

We then gather all together and play some games which are specially designed for your group. These team bonding games aim to improve verbal/non-verbal communication, listening skills, motivation, solving problems as a group, whatever your goals are.

Team Challenges

Now that everyone knows each other a bit more, we break them up into smaller teams and have them work on a challenge that requires all the skills they have learned so far!

Ready to make your team feel more engaged, connected and motivated?

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