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Take the Leap Program

Reach Your Goals & Dreams 

At My Creative Break, we understand that taking the leap and doing something new and out of your comfort zone can be overwhelming, or even scary. 


Our Take the Leap program is designed to motivate and empower you to break through barriers, embrace change, take the leap towards your goals and make your dreams a reality. 


Through a personalized program, we’ll help you get clarity on what you need, identify obstacles that are holding you back, motivate you and/or develop an actionable plan so you can get things done. 

Who is this program for?

  • Are you seeking a change in your life / career?

  • Do you need a confidence boost or the motivation to take the steps to do something new/that you’ve always wanted to do?

  • Have you always wanted to take a creative break / sabbatical but need help planning it or coming up with ideas?

  • Do you want to finally cross something off your bucket list but need guidance?

  • Do you need help coming up with ideas / next steps to achieve a goal or dream?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this program is for you!

Who are we?

We are the co-founders of My Creative Break!

More importantly…we’ve been in your shoes.


ACC-ICF Certified Creativity,

Confidence & Brainstorming Coach 

Improviser & film writer & producer

A few years ago, I was stressed, overworked and unhappy.  I was also really shy. I overcame shyness by trying improv.  This helped me gain confidence and push myself to take a one-year sabbatical from my 9-5 accounting job. I moved to Paris, pushed my boundaries, indulged in my passions of screenwriting and improv, said "yes" to everything, and achieved my dream of writing and producing a short film.



Travel, Bucket List & Career Change Coach

Writer & Speaker 

TEFL Certified Teacher

I was also overworked and felt stuck and unfulfilled working in software marketing. I knew I could do more and felt the urge to get the most out of life. So, I decided to quit my job and travel.  I traveled for 1.5 years. I went to live in Europe and Asia, met people from all walks of life and pushed myself to do things I never thought I would do. 

Ready to take the leap and transform your life?

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