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Our Mission

At My Creative Break, we believe that everyone is creative. 'Creativity' skills allow us to create amazing things: art, dishes, connections, processes, workflows, applications, strategies and ways of life. However to hone these skills, we need to practice them - just like training our muscles at the gym. We practice these by pushing our limits and getting out of our comfort zones. 

Through creative workshops, networking events and team building programs, we work your creativity muscles to give you the confidence to venture into the unknown or the uncomfortable. We do this in a fun and safe way - through creative challenges and innovative games. These allow you to make deeper connections, get new ideas, become better at communication and adaptability, relax and feel motivated to take risks and grow.


In our worldwide community, you’ll find people to support you and hold you accountable on your journeys.. We value growth, fun and connection and help you foster deeper connections with new or old colleagues and friends, while having a good time.

Our Story


A few years ago, I was stressed, overworked and unhappy. I was also really shy.

I overcame shyness by trying improv. This helped me gain confidence and push myself to take a one-year sabbatical from my 9-5 accounting job.


I moved to Paris, pushed my boundaries, indulged in my passions of screenwriting and improv, said  "yes" to everything, and achieved my dream of writing and producing a short film.


I was also overworked and felt stuck and unfulfilled working 9-5 in software marketing.


I knew I could do more and felt the urge to get the most out of life. So, I decided to take some time off to travel.


I went to live in Europe and Asia, visited 10 countries, met people from all walks of life and pushed myself to do things I never thought I would do.

Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 1.38.33 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 1.38.33 PM.png

What We Learned

We both felt rejuvenated. We had the chance to try new things, we surrounded ourselves with different people and immersed ourselves in different environments. We learned a lot, and became more creative, better at working, leading, adapting, innovating and seeing things through different points of views.

We said "everyone should feel this way!"

The My Creative Break Timeline


We started an Instagram page to motivate people to take time to do things they love or always wanted to do.


The pandemic hit. We grew our Instagram community and joined other online communities. We started holding online workshops to connect people and help ease pandemic stress.


We incorporated as a company.


After testing many online workshops, we ventured into the real world and hosted our first live events in Montreal - creative walks, networking events and team building workshops.

Our community hit 150 people worldwide. We expanded and started hosting networking events in Montreal's West Island and in Toronto.

We have a community of 300+ people worldwide, team members in Montreal and Toronto and more offerings including our Take the Leap Program.

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