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About Us

My Creative Break is a community of creatives from around the world. Through events, retreats and team building workshops, we motivate each other to make time to do things we like, escape from our routines, step out of our comfort zones, learn new skills and stay accountable on our creative journeys. Whether you have big creative goals like writing a book or starting a business, or small goals like setting aside 10 minutes a day / week to do something you love, you’ll find people to join you, support you, and hold you accountable. We value growth, fun and connection and help you foster deeper connections with new or old colleagues and friends, while having a good time. 

Our Mission

At My Creative Break, and we believe that everyone is creative.  'Creativity' skills allow us to create amazing things: art, dishes, connections, processes, workflows, applications, strategies and ways of life. However to gain these skills, we need to push our limits and get out of our comfort zones. 

Through creative workshops, networking events and team building programs, we work your creativity muscles to give you the confidence to venture into the unknown or the uncomfortable. We do this in a fun and safe way - through creative challenges and 'improv' techniques. These allow you to make deeper connections, relax and feel motivated to take risks and discover new things.


ACC-ICF Certified Creativity, Confidence & Brainstorming Coach; Improviser & Film writer & Producer

  • Was a shy and stressed accountant 

  • Overcame shyness by trying improv

  • Boosted her confidence and went on a one-year sabbatical in Paris

  • Said "yes, and" to everything and reconnected to her creative side

  • Achieved her dream of writing and producing a short film

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TEFL Certified Teacher; Speaker, Writer, Travel & Job Search/Transition Cheerleader

ACC-ICF Certified Creativity, Confidence & Brainstorming Coach; Improviser & Writer

  • Worked 9-5 in tech marketing

  • Felt like she was called to do something more purposeful

  • Left her job to travel and teach English abroad

  • Lived in 3 cities in Europe/Asia, explored 10 countries, ended up in a co-living retreat with 20 strangers from around the world

  • Motivates people to do things NOW, travel and helps them transition to new career paths

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