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Innovative Team Building

Team Building With an Impact:
New Skills & Laughter Guaranteed!

We believe that there's more to team building than building things, literally. So, we invented a new approach to team building!

If you want your team to…

  • Bring creative thinking & innovative ideas to the workplace.

  • Discover hidden innovative abilities & come to work motivated.

  • Solve problems more quickly.

  • Communicate clearly & listen actively during calls & team meetings.

  • Build resistance to changing requirements & spontaneous projects.

  • Take more risks.

  • Level up their teamwork game.

  • Minimize stress.

  • Increase employee engagement.

  • Increase productivity.

  • Increase your company's revenue.

  • Ensure good mental health within your company.

And if you’re looking for a way to…


Our team building workshops are designed to...


Improve communication​ 

& collaboration

Improve problem-solving skills

Help people take more risks


Improve innovative thinking

& idea generation


Increase productivity 

& employee engagement


Boost happiness & mental health

All our team building programs can be facilitated in-person in Montreal or Toronto, or online, anywhere in the world. We can also add some fun to your team /annual meetings, product launches, lunches, holiday dinners or when integrating new team members/ hosting team members from out-of-town. 

What makes our team building workshops unique?

Specially designed for you

We work with you from start to finish, make sure you meet your goals, and that your team is happy.​


Before the workshop, we’ll talk about your goals and design one that specifically meets your needs and your team’s needs. After, we make sure that you see the results you wanted, so we follow up with you and guide you to continuing to support your team.


Innovative games

We use fun, innovative games that require teams to work together, think outside the box and use their imaginations. This also strengthens bonds and helps people get to know each other on a deeper level. Lots of laughs guaranteed!


Individual + Team Development

All exercises benefit everyone in a unique way, while it helps them strengthen as a team.


No props needed, just imagination

Teams are challenged to think outside the box, get out of their comfort zones and work creatively, in a safe environment.

Other Programs

Idea Generation & Group Brainstorming

Group brainstorming helps the idea generation process by bringing people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives together. It enhances creativity and increases engagement. We bring creative and 'improv' techniques into the process so you and your team also improve risk-taking, communication, spontaneity and adaptability skills. 

Motivational Presentations

Customized presentations or workshop on topics like Creative Breaks, getting out of your comfort zones and taking risks, or share our personal stories of how we boosted our mental health, confidence and problem solving abilities. We recently did a motivational presentation on self-care and work-life balance for Salesforce.

Icebreakers & Team Bonding

Strengthen your in-person or remote team. Many employees working remotely say they feel isolated and could use better mental health. Our team bonding sessions feature creative challenges that focus on teamwork and collaboration and help employees get to know each other and connect in a different way.

Interactive City Walk with Creative Challenges

An interactive experience in which we walk through a cool part of the city and stop at different interesting spots. At each spot, we do a different activity to spark our imagination and creativity, letting the space or landmark inspire us. We'll do some individual exercises and group challenges that allow teams to get to know each other, expand their creativity, use their imaginations, and work on skills like teamwork, getting out of your comfort zone, communication and listening.

What's Required?

Nothing! Just a positive attitude and an open mind. Our workshops are designed for everyone!

A word from one of our clients
"We met Kim and Linda at one of their creative networking events, and loved their format and energy. We brought them in to run a team building exercise. The session was fun, creative, engaging and the team loved the sense of play they brought. They brought out a creative side of  my team that has since helped with collaboration and teamwork. I love what they do and how they go about it."

Mohamed Hamad | President, Third Wunder

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