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Some love from some of our corporate clients 
"We met Kim and Linda at one of their creative networking events, and loved their format and energy. We brought them in to run a team building exercise. The session was fun, creative, engaging and the team loved the sense of play they brought. They brought out a creative side of  my team that has since helped with collaboration and teamwork. I love what they do and how they go about it."

Mohamed Hamad | President, Third Wunder


“Linda and Kim delivered a great video about creative breaks for International Women’s Day at Salesforce. I loved collaborating with them. In all our discussions they showed enthusiasm, passion and care for the project. They listened to my inputs about the specific requirements I had for the video and they perfectly tailored their delivery to the needs of the organization. They navigated the challenges of producing a pre-recorded video while making it relevant, engaging and actionable. I wholeheartedly recommend them!”

Gwendoline Calmels

Learning Experience Analyst, Sales Enablement, Salesforce

"My Creative Break started off one of our events with an ice breaker game. This activity allowed the guests to step outside of their comfort zone quickly. The energy in the room shifted & this gave the attendees the ease to participate throughout the event.

Jocylyne Bustamante-Quiblat

Co-founder, BQNTCD



“It’s great to attend a networking event and forget that you’re networking. Linda and Kim’s warmth and enthusiasm fostered new connections and creativity. The event was an antidote to the disconnection and doldrums of remote work. I left with new professional contacts and increased confidence in my ability to create and collaborate.”

Jakub Stachurski
Freelance Copywriter

“Kim and Linda are masters at hosting fun and engaging events! In a casual atmosphere with creative activities, it was easy to make connections. I recommend their networking events to anyone looking to push themselves out of their comfort zone and connect with others in a casual atmosphere.”

Adriana Kockel
Co-founder, Miluna

“This is the ideal networking event for introverts. Kim and Linda created a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere through fun activities and exercises, helping us connect and collaborate. I was so engaged that I didn’t have time to feel shy. In the process, I learned new things about myself and my approach to creativity. I’m grateful for the experience!”

Chelsey Lam
Translator & Revisor

"Linda and Kim are an amazing creative duo. They curate a safe and fun, inclusive environment that welcomes all people at different points of their creative journey and makes them feel as a part of something greater. Very inspiring events that lead to meaningful conversations and connections."

Stanley Vaganov
Founder, BeCurious Studio

“I highly enjoyed this event. It brought me out of my shell. I learned that I am more creative than I thought. And I was really happy to meet so many people with different stories to share. I really recommend coming to this event. The hosts were amazing and professional. ”

Networking event participant

“Linda and Kim have come up with a great way for people to interact with each other in a playful, fun and informative way. I enjoyed the meeting and felt happy and relaxed  as I made friends and learned from them. I look forward to more events like this. ”

Arantza Izurrategui
Founder, TransformART Studio

"At first I was really shy and nervous, but all of the activities and prompts made networking really fun. Hearing that there were alot of introverts also made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I loved hearing about everyone’s creative passions and I feel very inspired. I loved everyone I met."

Nadia Sari,
Project Coordinator

“Kim and Linda are very enthusiastic and motivating. I highly recommend their events. I left feeling motivated and energetic.”

Joanna McDonald
Founder, The Lotus Living Space

"It was a really great experience, I’ll definitely join the next one! Great people, fun activities and great energy. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out!"

Olga Rozin
Life Coach

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