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Hi, we're Linda & Kim

We went from

shy employees to

confident entrepreneurs

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My Creative Break is a community of creatives from around the world. Through events and team building workshops, we motivate each other to make time to do things we like, escape from our routines, step out of our comfort zones, learn new skills and stay accountable on our creative journeys. Whether you have big creative goals like writing a book or shooting a film, or small goals like setting aside 10 minutes a day / week to do something you love, you’ll find people to join you, support you, and hold you accountable. We value connection and help you foster deeper connections with new or old colleagues and friends.

Popular Creative Break Programs


Creative Networking Events

A new way of networking - no more small talk or sitting alone in a corner! Our creative icebreakers and activities help people have fun while getting to know each other. Open to anyone!

Creative Team Building

Our customized team building activities or meeting/party icebreakers use creative challenges, art and improv. They work every individual’s creativity while meeting the team’s goals.

Creative City Walks

Imagine a tour + a workshop + a team building event. Walk with us and discover the city, meet people and do fun, creative activities inspired by the surroundings. 

Upcoming Events

  • My Creative Break Retreat: Laurentian Mountains - Connection, Creativity & Confidence
    Aug 20, 12:00 PM – Aug 22, 12:00 PM
    Lac-Supérieur, Lac-Supérieur, QC J0T 1P0, Canada
  • My Creative Break Retreat Montreal: Connection, Creativity & Adventure
    Aug 22, 12:00 PM – Aug 25, 12:00 PM
    Montreal, Montreal, QC, Canada


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Some companies & communities we have worked with

"We met Kim and Linda at one of their Creative Networking events, and loved their format and energy. We brought them in to run a team building exercise. The session was fun, creative, engaging and the team loved the sense of play they brought. They brought out a creative side of  my team that has since helped with collaboration and teamwork.
I love what they do and how they go about it."

Mohamed Hamad | President, Third Wunder 

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