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Connection, Creativity & Adventure

Is exploring Montreal on your bucket list?

August 22-23 | Montreal, Canada

Do you want to...

Escape and relax for a few days?

Feel rejuvenated, rested, more balanced and full of life and joy?

Explore, connect with a group of like-minded people from all over the world?

Learn new creative skills, try new things and go on mini-adventures?

Start the second part of the year on a good note?

Join us for a Creative Break Retreat in our hometown!

An application is required for this retreat. It can be added to the Laurentian Mountains retreat

Experience Summer In Montreal


Summer is the best time to explore Montreal - it's 'terrace season' when the city comes alive in all senses! You can enjoy brunch, drinks and people watching from patios,  check out the many art and music festivals, attend outdoor dance nights, bike among nature and more. We invite you to join us and explore Montreal in way that will ignite your creativity, whether you already live in Montreal or not. 

Join a group of like-minded people and explore Montreal in a creative way - think creative walks, dancing, music, storytelling and art combined with visiting key places of interest in Montreal. How about tours of Old Montreal and Montreal's famous Underground City filled with creative activities? Or hiking Mont-Royal combined with a storytelling or music session? Or maybe you want to hone your writing and video creation skills by capturing off-the-beaten path spots in Montreal? The possibilities are endless! 

Connect, Create, Play & Grow

  • Get studio time to work on your creative endeavors.

  • Learn new skills with our interactive workshops and from other participants.

  • Form meaningful connections, even if you are shy or traveling solo.

  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable, in a fun and safe way!

Stay In The Heart of Downtown

(or find your own accommodation)


Available with or without accommodation. If you need accommodation, you'll have a choice of shared or private room in a high-quality space in the heart of downtown Montreal.

A personalized experience 


This retreat is open to all. The activities will be specifically designed to cater to the group.

At My Creative Break, we encourage everyone to dream and explore like “a kid” - without the barriers that adult life imposes on us, and with confidence. 


We all have busy days and daily routines and we often get lost in them and forget about ourselves. This retreat will be your Creative Break. You will break out of your routine and go back to dreaming and exploring the way you did when you were a kid - with freedom and confidence.


​Connection is key, especially if you’ve been off-grid for these past few years. Our activities are all collaborative and we’ll make it easy for you to get to know everyone, connect with them beyond the surface level, learn new skills from them and most likely start new friendships, even if you are introverted.

Ready to adventure with us?

Why not also join our women's-only retreat in the Mont-Tremblant area? 

A lakeside chalet

A personal chef 

Relaxation and fun

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