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Networking & Team Building...With a Twist!

Connect & innovate through play

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Clients & partners
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Connect, Innovate & Thrive!

Team Building With a Twist

Our team building programs use innovative games and challenges to help teams or groups form deeper connections and improve communication, creativity, listening, teamwork, problem-solving, risk-taking skills & more.

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What can you expect at our networking events?


Networking With a Twist

We take the awkwardness out of networking! Our ice breakers, group games and speed networking allow you to make new professional contacts or friends, learn new skills and grow. We also provide continous networking through our community. 

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Connect & Create Events

A networking event combined with an activity like painting. Learn a new skill while meeting new people and getting to know them on a below-the-surface level!

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300 +

Community Members Worldwide


100 %

Attendee Happiness Rate


25 +

Live & Online Events 


200 %

Increase in Creativity 

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Upcoming Events

  • Dance & Connect
    Dance & Connect
    dim. 28 avr.
    Dance H4L, DDO (West Island MTL)
    28 avr. 2024, 13:00 – 15:30
    Dance H4L, DDO (West Island MTL), 87B Bd Brunswick, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC H9B 2J5, Canada
    In honor of International Dance Day, join us for Connect & Dance, our first networking event/dance workshop…probably the first ever of its kind in the world!
  • Workshop LCR (Libertad, Creatividad y Rentabilidad)
    Workshop LCR (Libertad, Creatividad y Rentabilidad)
    sam. 18 mai
    18 mai 2024, 09:30 – 23 mai 2024, 21:00
    Toronto, 1 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5J 2P1, Canada
    ¿Te gustaría mejorar tus habilidades en el ámbito laboral y hacer contactos de calidad? 2 partes: Jornada PRESENCIAL: Sábado 18 de Mayo 2024 de 9.30 a 14.30 /Jornada ONLINE: Jueves 23 Mayo 2024 de 18.00 a 21.00

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ACC-ICF Certified Creativity, Confidence & Brainstorming Coach, 

Improviser, Film writer & producer



Travel, Bucket List

& Career Change Coach, Writer & Speaker, TEFL Certified Teacher

Once upon a time we were shy/unconfident/unhappy/overworked 9-5ers. Then, we took 'creative breaks' and went to different parts of the world. After, we both felt rejuvenated. Why? Because we tried new things, surrounded ourselves with different people and immersed ourselves in different environments. We learned a lot and became more creative, meaning better at working, leading, adapting, innovating, taking risks and seeing things through different points of views. 


Our workshops and events bring you this type of experience. Our “secret ingredients” are innovative and theatrical games that foster connection, innovative thinking and growth. Join us to expand your social/professional circles, explore different environments, get to know people you normally wouldn't cross paths with, work on new skills and get support/motivation. 

Our team building programs for companies/groups help strengthen communication, collaboration, risk-taking, spontaneity, idea generation and problem-solving skills using play and revolutionary creative team bonding exercises. 

Our Story & Mission




Who are we?

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

-- Mary Lou Cook

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Whats our vibe?

We bring a relaxed but energetic vibe to everything we do. See for yourself 

Jocylyne Bustamante-Quiblat

Co-founder, BQNTCD

"My Creative Break started off one of our events with an ice breaker game. This activity allowed the guests to step outside of their comfort zone quickly. The energy in the room shifted & this gave the attendees the ease to participate throughout the event."
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