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Conferences & Event Appearances & Collaborations

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School Collaborations


We currently work with Greystone College (Toronto & Montreal) and mentor students through our co-op programs. These allow students to get hands-on experience, develop new skills and make an impact. We have spoken in the classroom and at their career fairs and always motivate students to pursue their dreams!

Here's how we can work with schools:


Workshops for students on topics like what creativity really means and how can it can help them, how to make connections/the value of making connections, how to integrate into a new country (great for international students).


Team building for students or staff so that everyone gets to know each other, learn new things and accomplish things together. Especially great for international students / those who are new in town who don't know anyone.


Networking / connection events for students to get to know each other on a deeper level - especially great for international students / those who are new in town who don't know anyone, but also for staff to connect and see each other in a different light. 

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