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Motivational Talks & Presentations

About Us

Hi! We are Linda and Kim, the co-founders of MyCreative Break. Not long ago, our journeys inovercoming stress, mental health and illness promptedus to start a community to motivate people to get intouch with their creative side and do things they love,no matter how busy they are.


We both come from the corporate world; Kim is a Travel,Bucket List & Career Change Coach. She has 8 years experience working in corporate marketing and 5 years of teaching ESL in Europe, Asia and online. She traveled for 1.5 years, visited more than 25 countries and lived in 4.


Linda is an ACC/ICF certified Life Coach and has 15years of experience as an accountant. Together, wehave over 10 years of experience in team building,storytelling, improv, animation, public speaking andtheatre/theatrical games.


As women of color, our goal is to foster a safe andjudgement-free environment. We aim to bring anelement of fun, connectivity and creativity to your days,work meetings and events so that your teams feelaccomplished, happier and more motivated, whichincrease productivity and business.




Explore, Imagine, Create

Rediscover the boundless world of imagination that once fueled ourchildhood adventures. This workshop invites adults to shed societalconstraints and embrace the power of unrestrained creativity, reminding usthat imagination is not just for children, but a vital source of innovation andself-expression for all ages.

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Ready, Set, Play!

Get ready to get in touch with your inner child and play and go back to the

days where you would play tag, colour outside the lines and tell stories. This

workshop is a vibrant playground of creativity!


We’ll do a variety of engaging exercises and games designed to reignite your sense of wonder and imagination. From playful doodling sessions to collaborative storytelling

adventures to fun group challenges, every activity is tailored to stimulate

creativity, joy and laughter!


Join us and rediscover the boundless freedom of

play and leave with your hearts full of happiness and your minds brimming

with inspiration.

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The Possibilities of Play:

Embracing Creativity in Home and Classroom Environments

The true definitions of creativity and play often get lost in translation. In this

interactive session, we will explore the benefits of encouraging creative play

and imagination at home and in the classroom.


Discover what creativity and play really mean and learn about how it helps with shaping the future of children. We will also explore how you can integrate it into your environment

to nurture skills like imagination and problem-solving.

Customized Team Building Workshops

Our team building programs use different forms of art like writing, sketching,storytelling and improv techniques as a base and ensure a good work culture,drive workplace innovation. They aim to promote good mental health, a sense of community and happiness.

Allow your team to have fun and feel more connected to each other while they work on essential skills of your choice like communication, productivity, and creativity.

All exercises use creative activities and improv as a base.


We can also create customized workshops suited to your needs, for example for onboarding new employees, welcoming teammates or partners from out of town, special occasions like product launches, holiday parties.

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Dynamic Motivational Talks that Will Inspire You

Our journeys from shy employees to confident entrepreneurs weren't easy. We

went through a lot of unhealthy situations before embarking on our creative

breaks, which helped us discover the importance of creativity, good mental

health, work-life balance and getting out of your comfort zone to grow.

Topics we speak about

We customize talks based on what the client needs

  • Mental health / self-care / rejuvenation

  • The importance of play

  • Saying 'yes' to things

  • Improv / How improv can help you in life / with communication / in the

  • workplace etc.

  • Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone (as an Introvert)

  • Creative Breaks / Sabbaticals

  • Creativity

  • Productivity

  • Teamwork

  • Work-life balance

  • Stories about our personal creative breaks, how we found the motivation

  • to do them, and what we learned.

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See Us In Action!

Motivational Presentation

“Linda & Kim delivered a great video about creative breaks for International Women’s Day at Salesforce. I loved collaborating with them. In all our discussions they showed enthusiasm, passion and care for the project. They listened to my inputs about the specific requirements I had for the video and they perfectly tailored their delivery to the needs of the organization.They navigated the challenges of producing a pre-recorded video while making it relevant, engaging and actionable. I wholeheartedly recommend them!”

-- Gwendoline Calmels | Learning Experience Design Analyst, Sales Enablement, Salesforce

The My Creative Break Story

We start off all our Sip, Play & Connect: Networking with a Twist events by telling the story about how My Creative Break came to be and how our journeys inspired our business and the nature of our events.

Energizing Our Guests

Warming up the crowd with a fun name game and icebreakers at the beginning of our Sip, Play & Connect: Networking with a Twist event.

What Our Clients Say About Our Talks

Gewndoline Calmels

Sales Enablement, Salesforce

"Linda and Kim delivered a great video about creative breaks for International Women’s Day at Salesforce. I loved collaborating with them. In all our discussions they showed enthusiasm, passion and care for the project. They listened to my inputs about the specific requirements I had for the video and they perfectly tailored their delivery to the needs of the organization. They navigated the challenges of producing a pre-recorded video while making it relevant, engaging and actionable. I wholeheartedly recommend them!"

Ready to get motivated?

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